Barbara writes:

I seem to experience moments of uncertainty, feeling terribly antsy, wakefulness throughout the night but not knowing why. I thought I was on the right path in my life but feel that I’m being tested. Not sure why! The only thing I can attribute this to is my impatience about a meeting of a possible love interest which seems to be in limbo, him not me. Am I being tested?

The guide’s response:

Who is testing you my dear? You are testing yourself.  You are playing the what if game with your peace and happiness.  You are on the right path my dear.  You are doing exactly what you need to and there is nothing lurking off-stage about to take hold.  And so, when the conscious mind decides to say “what if” say “It is.  I am.  I will have all I need. There is love for me.”

As far as anyone being in limbo dearest, open your heart and receive the love that is there for you and it will come and it shall be.