Can you talk to us about when we pass over and leave our bodies, what is it like?

Well, according to how you have a belief system there are certain expectations that are first met.  If you’ve decided that there is nothing to greet you at all, then there will be a period of quite quiet and sometimes a little bit of confusion.  If you feel that a guardian angel will greet you, then so be it, they will be there.  A certain amount of time is spent in just the belief of that conscious mind releasing and allowing it to pass through to transform into the energy field that you be, leaving behind the physical body that you created.

Once through you pass through that time you will be received by all the blessed beings that surround you, whether it be the guardians or certain loved ones (they are often still around and about) to greet you, to help you. Then you proceed to that that you need, a place in which you dwell in a time of vibrational clearing is best way to say it.  You see everything that you have done and everything you attempted through your free will and your choices.  Your vibration shifts to a certain degree, or perhaps not enough and you decide: Oh I had better redo do that one a bit more. You have to see the effect of your entire lifetime before you leave that place.

I know you like names for things, but there isn’t really a name for this part of the development.  You could even say it is a place of waiting and seeing how all of your actions affect your being or others before you can decide to move forward to another life.  It is just a place of learning.  It is not exactly sitting around with wings or anything, but it is certainly peaceful.  I suppose if you really wanted wings they would let you have them there.  I would think they would be somewhat uncomfortable myself, but to each his own.  We had one that so desired wings.  Oh yes, there have been a few.