A small conversation with a being of light

An excerpt from our New Years Gathering with the Spirit Guides in early January.

Joanna:  Welcome.  Are you an individual guide or how does it work?  How do you know how to help other people?

Guide:    I be one of a great group, sort of grandmother types of beings, best way to describe it from your point of view.  I cannot tell a being how to do things in particular, but I can certainly assist and hopefully they can listen.  As to one, in particular, no.  I seek many.  Although I do have some favourite ones I must say, some dear sweethearts that I have always loved.

Joanna:  How do you connect with people?

Guide:  You see, dearest one, I be but a speck of light, I be but able to move this vocal chord and use this voice to convey a being of who I be.  I have not a body that constricts me from knowing all and being with all.  I dwell in oneness, a place that is all, a place of total beingness.  I know it might be difficult to understand that I have not a body for your minds wants to create a form in which this voice should come from, but I have none.   Not to say I wouldn’t want one again, it was quite a comfy thing to have a body but I do remember it was quite wet and damp.

Joanna:   We are here at the beginning of a new year…

Guide:    Oh yes, you count the years don’t you?  There is no beginning or end you know, there is just a continuum.  But it is alright to mark a place in time and say that this I shall do.  What is it about the thing that you think that you’ve done everything wrong and you need to start doing it all right?  It is not true. You just need to see each moment in its opportunity to grow.  Too often I see these markings, a certain date, and you dwell on that that was and think in some way in judging it, that it was something negative.  It brought you to this one place.   It is not a negative, it is a positive.

So seek that that is new.  You are in a precipice of great wonders in your very wondrous physical world right now.  You have no need to dread or worry from anything. And why would anyone dread a lifetime, an opportunity to grow?  But I see it so often.  Each day I see many of you as you step out dreading that that you truly have created in your path to learn and grow from.  And it weighs heavy upon you instead of holding it high as the greatest honour to be able to learn and grow.

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