A reunion with a love from a previous life

Son writes, “Dear Spirit Guides, I recently had a powerful meeting with someone that I cannot understand. I called him over (which is very “unlike myself”), we looked into each others’ eyes, shook hands, and were speechless. Everything just disappeared into white. I have not been able to stop thinking about this. It has been a source of happiness but I also feel sad about it. What does this all mean? Does he feel the same way too or am I just crazy?”

The guide’s response:

No you are not crazy, although it can feel a bit like that. When a union of two beings that have known each other before, unite in their dance of familiarity, it is blinding.  It is as if you step out of your physical world and you dance in the world of spirit again.  You do not even know how much time passes.  For it is not an element of time, or a place in time.  Is that crazy?  You might use that word but it is sheer bliss to unite, to know.  Its purpose, I believe, is quite clear–a reunion.  Awkward?  Yes.   Where does it fit on this path?  Sad?  You wonder how do I begin or will I have the strength to begin?  Complicated?  Intensely, but beautiful.  It is up to you and your strength of choices as to where and how.  But trust that it was real.  The dance of reunion is truly great.

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