GuideScooterish – I could really use some advice regarding my job. I feel like I’m really struggling there even though I have received a raise which is very helpful. But I feel like I can’t stay there – the environment is too toxic for me emotionally and the work is really not for me at all. It drains me. Is there something else I can do that would bring in the much needed money?  Thank you.

The spirit guide answering Scooterish’s question is her own personal guide. This being of light presented himself as a Native guide. To listen to the  audio recording of this message, click below:

Native Guide

My beauty, my beauty.  Where is the passion in you?  That beautiful being that loved to feel the skins against her skin, to walk barefoot whether it be on the moss, or the stone.  Where is the passion of who you be?  You love the land.  You love the nature. You love to hear the cry of the hawk.

You have found yourself in a place that neither fits, nor is where you belong.  You do this to fulfill another need, but the balance is unbalanced right now and that is why it drains you.  It takes more energy for you to be there in the presence of that and doing this work, where you used to be able to keep it in balance.

You know what to do. You know how to bring it back to balance. You know how to take a walk to nature, to hear the water running in a brook or a stream, to see its clarity, to know clearly what you need to do.

The land is your teacher.  It is part of your soul, it is part of the rhythm of who you be.   Working with animals  yes, is very good,   Helping people find their way instead of denying their way.  That takes way too much energy from you.

Your children are beautiful and you must teach them to find what makes them happy by doing so for yourself.  It can be done. There are ways.

To bring in the money?

Yes.  You should find a group that are interested in the same things; the growing of natural foods, the raising of natural animals.  You will find a group and invest, they in you and you in them.  And it will teach you. You cannot leave this position quickly, but you can begin the process.

You are Mother Nature herself.  What are you doing being excluded from  it?  You are very wise.  No, you are not tired.  You have much, too much do do yet.  I am with you.  Follow in my footsteps.  Just allow your heart to lead you. I love you.