A past life remembering

An excerpt from our January 6th evening with the spirit guides


Many years ago, I was in a meditative state and in that state I envisioned a woman dressed in a pilgrim outfit  holding a little girl’s hand.  Although I could only see the back of them, somehow I knew that was me and my child.  It was so vivid and clear and yet I have never seen that vision again.  I am curious about that.


It was a remembering.  You will have times in your life, in your path, where there will be openings to that that you are, that that you have been, places before.   Sometimes they are keys that open these.  It would be something that reminded you and opened it for you.  You trusted enough to go into that deep state and saw it.   You don’t trust easily, you  like to always be very sure of yourself. And yet, to this day you are drawn to that feeling that was there.  There was a communion that you have always been seeking.  You wonder where it fits in this path.  You wonder where.  You will know one day.  Not too far from now, you will know why that memory came forward.

D:  It is still very clear, I still see it.


Because it is not finished, it is not complete.  Promises that are not finished stay very clear in one’s being.  And knowing that there is still yet something to be done, but not knowing what.

D:   Is there anything I can do?


Because you are not easily led, you will find a way that will be unconditionally clear to you that this is the understanding that came with that vision.  You have a mind that some might call an iron trap, very sharp, very to the point, almost fearful of being thought foolish.  You are not foolish.  You will receive the rest of it when you are ready.

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