Kristine writes, “I am wondering if you could help with a missing child situation.  I know there are many, many children who are missing, but this one has a hold on me.  His name is Kyron Horman.  Is he still in the physical world?  If so, how is he?  Of course I want to ask where he is but I know you cannot interfere with the growth of others.  I feel so sad for him.”

You must not feel sad for him, my dear.  You must look to the light and know that he is safe.  To speak of exactly what has occurred would take away from the growth of many, as you know.

Why do these actions happen you ask yourself.  How could anyone harm or hurt a child?  It is because these ones have such inner pain and are in such a state of no growth that exernalizing this hate and anger can occur.  It is a symptom of the time in which you now live.  This is why you have come.  You have come to help heal the world.  When these things occur and they come to your ears, to your enlightenment, send white light and love for it does affect the growth and causes movement to come quickly.   Do not be afraid my child.  Trust that all is, as it should be.