DaisyThe information brought forth, is it coming just from you or from beyond you? 

While I dwell at the dimension that I am in now, it comes partially from me and partially from that oneness. You see, everything that has ever been known, or learned in the physical domain, exists here. But there are other knowledges as well that exist. They are all parts of dimensions within the one.

I guess it’s a little hard for us to understand those other knowledges. 

Perhaps. But you’ll find that when something comes to your awareness, all of a sudden there will be so much of it around you. It is from that dimension that this is brought forward. You might think it serendipitous that all of a sudden it is everywhere when you were not aware of it before. When it comes to your awareness it was everywhere. You see there are no accidents. And it’s not as if it’s all planned out in some major map.

Learning and the things you need to learn are tossed around. And you will choose to pick one up. And then you will draw, because of the opening, all that information to you. And some of that information might be brought to you by an entity of light, or a guide, or an angel, or whatever you wish to call it.  You have many words for these things.