A guide’s insight….cont’d

guideThis discussion is a continuation from the posts below.

A group of university classmates posed these questions to the guide(s) as part of a project on spirituality.  The questions and answers will be posted over the next week or two.

Recent scholarship on religion has turned its attention to the importance of “matter” or “material” … (Bodies, objects, environments, technologies, physical practices, etc..). There is also a lot of work being done looking at how non-humans participate in the making of our shared world.

This work seems to be a response to those who see religion or spirituality as relating to the non-physical– that which transcends the terrestrial. I’m wondering if you could speak to this relationship between the material and the immaterial. How would you explain your understanding of physical and non-physical? 

Well, it’s been said recently to your physical world that the old ways do not fit. Old religions only pertain to a separate part of life instead of seeing it as one massive braid all coming together. You are not separate from your spiritual life, and you are not separate from your material life. They are both part of you in this amazing dance, this amazing path you walk upon. And the one cannot be well without the other. One cannot exist without the other.

The material life is supported by the energy life, which you call spiritual life. One holds the other. One is needed to teach the other. It cannot be that a being does not believe. If you await the next breath, you believe.

Now then, you have come to a time when old belief systems in which you could only be through a particular belief system, like old religions. These are in their fading lights, for change is it hand. And the understanding of belief does not belong to a religion; it is part of being.

But there is a greater part of you than just the body that holds you. And that greater part of you created that body and it created the path that you walk on. Thus it created all the different scientists and all the different medical understandings, the forms and facts of your world. These were created for your growth. Where it stops and where it begins is what you question. Where does the circle begin and end? Well… in spirit.

For you have an amazing part of you that is your spirit, it is the glue between the molecules. It is an energy too but it is at a higher rate than the slow molecules that make your body or make your world. It is a separate part. It is the greater part. It is bigger than even the thoughts that you have, for it creates those thoughts and puts in process all those elements of your path.

So someone who is very scientific, for example, and does not believe in anything that cannot be proven…proven by the knowledge that they have now. But the knowledge that they will have in time will make it truth. Whenever there is a limitation to a theory, know that that will eventually be changed. All of them eventually will break their bonds. And you will see in time that all things are possible. And even the greatest of your scientists know that there is an element that they cannot prove. And that is God, or Tao or Mother Energy or a Force of Intellect or Being.

I always liked the term Mother Energy.

It is one  that give’s life forever. Yes.

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