yellow_bird_in_a_tree-516 Words from the high guide that often comes to us to respond to people’s questions. Kirsten asked, ” May I ask about you? ”  This is what she replied.

I…. Oh, I very seldom use the word “I”….

I am part of a greater energy of many. I am part of truth that you have asked for. I come because of you. For you have needs to understand, to proceed; thus I be.

I have had lifetimes in your domain, in the physical world. How beautiful it is! But I can no longer create a body to be present in your world. I have not emotion, but I have love, and it supersedes all emotions. I love all of you.

And for those who ask, I am there with you. I am of the same energy as many that you call upon in your religions. But I have not used a name. I have no need for a name now. I am a sound in your world: the sound of a child laughing, the sound of a bird singing, the sound of a dog grumbling. I am truth. Bless you for asking.

There are those entities that will speak to you of their lifetime, and that still have echoes within them of a character of who they were. I hope I no longer have that. You see, I still have hope. I love you my child. I love you all.