Last year the RCMP released a high profile report that found 1,181 native women killed or missing in Canada between 1980 and 2012. There’s a call for a national inquiry to discern the causes of the tragedy. The first nations people have suffered in Canada for so long since colonialism. They’ve suffered a traumatic history here in Canada and I would like to ask about these poor missing or murdered women and also if the First Nations people’s experiences will start to be less traumatic and the promises and growth will be more positive and less painful.

You have lived a life as a native. You are very much a vibration with them. But you do know that each being is separate and individual, and so each path will be separate and individual.

Will all as one evolve? No. No, it will be a dissolving of individuals into the greater number and eventually there will be just very small groups probably left behind, those that have controlled the monies and the politics of the groups.

They are each individual, each amazing lights, beautiful beings, all of them, from the ancient to the new, just as all beings are.

Now this element you speak of, this highway, where all these young women have disappeared, their lives have been taken. And they went so willingly—for they were not that happy, unfortunately.

There are two individuals that have done this. One is very much an upstanding being in the society, and one who travels back and forth a great deal. I cannot give you names, I cannot do that; it interferes with the actual process in the physical world and you know we are not allowed to do that. Our job is to offer help so that growth can take place.

To get the attention of your society, to pay attention to this is your society’s need to do. They certainly have attention for pipelines. Why do they not for people? These are elements that you can do and speak whenever given the opportunity. I don’t mean that you should stand on a crossroads and get yourself run over, but when you can give your belief, your understanding, do so. That is how you change the minds. That is how you affect growth.

Note: The guide told me there were over 100 beings in the room with us when I asked this question.