642e5-imagesI feel I would like to be more creative, to create something with my hands.  But I find myself hesitant and don’t know how to begin.

You use your hands creatively when you work in the soil to create beauty, and when you create beauty in your home. So why not use your hands to paint? Why not take something blank and give it a try? There is much joy in this medium.

Should I just begin to paint or have and idea in my mind?

As you speak of painting you are already blocking and I understand that it fact you are thinking more of the medium than of your creation. It seems as if the word “art” almost frightens you. It will come. Try not to think of form or avenue, but just allow it to flow.

Or you could allow it to flow through a pen, through drawing, or writing, or working with clay. You know how you feel sometimes as if a dam has been created in your energy flow? There is a twitchiness in your arms and down to your fingers? Allow it. Create. Let it go.

Feel. Don’t think and don’t judge. For no one is judging but you and if you let go of that iron-clad judge you can create from your soul.