A guide speaks about accidents and elements of learning

images-2Gina writes:

Hi Guides and Helpers. I would like to know when an event or experience is an accident, random occurrence, and a pre-decided part of one’s growth. How do I tell the difference from among them?

For example, barring driving under the influence of some substance, is a car crash an accident, random occurrence, or pre-decided?

The guide’s response:

It truly depends upon what the being has come to learn.  Accidents occur when there is a great preponderance of energy moving in one direction.  Most car accidents are not accidental in their energy, but have purpose of growth at hand.  The element of chance plays within accidental occurrences and many accidents create growth.  What you might consider an accident and what your beings of light that surround you might consider an accident would probably be very different.

Let us say it this way.  If a large group of people gathered together and they had anger in their hearts and in their heads and they all were with such energy moving in certain directions, falling within that would be accidental because of the energy force that is created by so many.  It perhaps wasn’t on the person’s path to be trampled, but it occurred.   When a being leaves a physical life due to an accident, it doesn’t mean that a being must return and do all of that physical life again.  It means pretty much you will experience something quite close to it again but not with the same energy force so you will choose and move on in your life.

Because you want to know if this is meant to be, I think you can understand that for each choice you should stop and wonder if this is something to learn from, for most are. Most are about elements of learning.  Accidents are very few.  Elements of chance are very few.  Trust that most things that are present in your life you have a choice to learn from.

Visit Jane Kennard’s YouTube Channel to see a video of the guide answering this question.

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  1. Cheenu July 20, 2013 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    Hi guides
    I am a quiet person outside but inside I’m not able to control the continuous chatter. The feeling of hurt and the anguish of not commenting back then and there ,wears me down. Most of the time things revolve around how others react towards my child. Plz give me some guidance on how to make peace with myself. Is it ok to be quiet or explain the other person what they did not do right? Have I ,in my previous lives , ever been outspoken? Is there a purpose of this attitude I have? Can I change it?

  2. galaxyangel444 July 20, 2013 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    Dearest Guides
    Thank you for taking my question. I am finally ready to open myself to my spirit guides through meditation and I would really love to have more information about them as far as signs to look for and how many I have. Thank you again!

  3. Joanna August 15, 2013 at 2:44 pm - Reply

    I understand that what occurs in our lives always has an element of growth, but when it comes to accidents I can’t make sense of some that I’ve recently heard of that took people’s lives.
    Case number 1: a lovely, giving woman coming home with the groceries was killed by her own car when her dog jumped on the gear and it backed over her. What is the learning here?
    Case 2: two young boys sleeping in their own beds were killed by a boa constrictor that had escaped from the pet store below. This is surely not something that should have happened.
    Case 3: A young man was sitting on the railing at a sky train station above the street and somehow he slipped off and fell to his death. Yes there’s learning about dangerous places to sit. But this seems very extreme. My heart aches for his family and friends.
    Whenever people hear about this kind of event, all we can say is that it is stupid and pointless and we cannot see the purpose for it.

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