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InsightA group of university classmates posed these questions to the guide(s) as part of a project on spirituality.  The questions and answers will be posted over the next week or two.

What is the best way for us to understand who/what you are? In other words: How can we understand the source of this information that Jane brings forth? 

Bless you my child. Bless all of you for asking, for seeking, for searching. Questioning and waiting for the answer is a wonderful state to be in. And who be I?  For I have not a body any longer. I am an energy, made up of energy just as you are. It moves at a rate a bit higher than you. I no longer can dwell within a body. Everything in your world is made of energies, all moving at different rates. Some can be seen and heard; some cannot.

I am an energy that you can tap into. We are a source of intellect, a source of knowing. You might think of it as the God-source, but I am not alone in the Mother Energy; I am part of. You might think of it as layers or dimensions within the one. The oneness is part of everyone, and you can tap into this at any time–if you choose. I have not a body but I have dwelled within a body, and many of those in this dimension of intelligence or intuitiveness have dwelled within your physical domain. Some have not. Some will never.

I can speak through this being (Jane) for I am an energy that has a similar vibration to the one I speak through. Your soul, or your spirit vibrates at a certain rate. It’s almost like the sum total of all the learning you have received. You began in the physical world as a fracture of the Mother Energy or God or that Great Intelligence—whatever you wish to call it.  And you live through many experiences; you might call them lifetimes, we call them experiences. For in every experience there is an opportunity of growth, an opportunity to choose for your being. In that growth your spirit quickens; it speeds up, let’s say. Until at some point it can no longer dwell in a physical domain and must move to other domains of learning.

Does that help you to understand who I am?

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