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I will tell you that hope and trust are as strong in each individual as breathing. You trust there will be the next breath. You trust there will be another sunrise. And so it is. It is as strong as knowing that have a deep, strong power within you. A being may not wish to believe in anything external but they know within themselves that they have the power to create anything they want—even misery. That’s hope and trust, and all is never lost.

Is it partly enabling of our spirit?

It’s more about accepting the spirit in body. It’s connected with free will; that ability to stay within the world or leave it. It’s part and parcel of the brainstem that part of the limbic primitive brain that holds the connection to spirit. You are walking, talking miracles in your sense of understanding. And you will find in your life’s path that there will always be something new to learn, that you will never be finished in discoveries—to the extent of the solar system, to the smallness of an atom, to the cell of a human, to the cell in a plant. It will never be completed. For it is constantly changing.

Do not worry; trust. What does this mean? It means find peace and calmness within you, and act upon that that is your truth. To move forward knowing you stand and be completely of light, that you can hold and be present in the depths of great darkness—or light. Knowing that you can be in the moment with another in their pain—or their joy. And just be, not wanting—or unwanting. Just be. That’s hope and trust.

It has nothing to do with religion, it has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with your spiritual path. For though many will walk under banners of religion or politics, you are all here on a spiritual path. We find it quite wondrous the many disguises that beings put on to learn that that they came to do. And they tout certain beliefs and it has to be this way and that way. They came to learn about love.

What is your connection with us?

I have walked many smooth stones with each of you, paths of righteousness. I was a devout nun in many different religions until religions no longer fit. And then I walked barefoot with a being that used religion and spoke about the spirit. You see, you must look for the hidden answer in all things. But to see the best of each being, and trust that it lies within them—and you will form a bond a communication that will teach.

How to be in the physical world? Unfortunately we don’t give you a pamphlet. But very evolved beings know how to be, even as small children. And the very new are wild and full of exuberance and they tread their way across the delicate paths. But they find joy in it—and you must be patient. And we need to bring them along. For we cannot make old beings un-old. We can only make new ones evolved.

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