A dream of climbing a ladder

Maria writes:

I haven’t felt well healthwise lately; I would like to know the cause of this and how to heal it. Also, I keep having this dream of climbing a ladder but when I get to the top it falls and I fall with it.  Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, it is as if you walk about feeling that there is something amiss, like there is a dullness to your heart, a sadness–and yet with your conscious understanding all is well.   You have lived many times blessed one, many experiences and so you often wonder: What, how, who do I be now?

You can seek out many conditions that will raise your energies.  Dance is wondrous for you.  You did experience a lifetime of being what is known as a whirling, a being who meditated by whirling their body through a hypnotic state of clarity. You have moments of clarity where you feel this heightened state and then when you return to that that you be, you feel somewhat distorted.  It is simply your vibrational state shifting in body that makes you feel somewhat unwell, unsure of how you be.

To appease the conscious mind you must seek out an understanding that all is well, through those of the medical world. When you trust in this you will feel somewhat more relieved.  But to seek that sweet peace, meditation and the wonder of nature, or when you push your body to the state of such exhaustion (because it must be found at peace and allow your spirit to fly), you can attain these things.

Your dreams are telling you that you are feeling out of control, that you don’t know the next step–that there is an unknown step on the ladder and that to fall free is frightening. And yet you know there is a part of you that wants to experience the trust that all will be there, even when stepping off the ladder.  Your task is much of what you might call a spiritual endeavor.  Your world has so many words and conditions and habitual processes for rituals that you could follow. But trust in your own. Find your own truth, to that wonder that you know is–part of you and part of all.  To all those that surround you, friends and family, you are a tower of strength.  You sometimes feel like you are at fault for you give information that you sometimes do not believe.  Take time for yourself now, blessed one.  Follow your own truth.

Find that heightened space that your body is in search of now. Maturation of the soul it is sometimes called.  A wonderful being you are, trust in this.


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