A dog’s purpose is to give unconditional love and bring joy

IMG_2232MR has a question about his dog and its health. He’s concerned about giving the dog pain medications because of his liver enzymes.   He’s wondering if the guides have any sense about what’s best for his arthritis.  He wonders about taking pills or acupuncture  or what would be the best thing to help the dog. 

Dearest one, the love and care that you give this beautiful animal is so healing. But the worry that you have is passed on as well, my dear.  Try not to stress and worry. Try to be strong and filled with life and wonder. For this creature’s sole purpose is to give you unconditional love. And when this being sees you stressed and worried, he doesn’t realize you’re worrying about him. He thinks you are worrying about life and it only causes more stress for the creature.

The best thing for this lovely animal, this lovely, lovely animal … which you do not even consider and animal most of the time; your friend …is food that that would be fitting for a canine. Give meat, fresh, raw, sometimes cooked; carrots, vegetables, lots of pure distilled water. Chlorine is not good for any creature. Massage, gentle massage, nice happy walks, playful.

I know your society is very prepared now to go limits of things. This little body, as you know very well, doesn’t do well with any of those things (the pain medications).  A dog’s liver of course has different enzymes than humans. They even make their own Vitamin C; humans don’t.

Feed this animal love. Don’t make this animal the centre of your life; make you the centre of your life. And this one’s purpose will be fulfilled; to bring you joy. You must give this dog his job back: to worry about you. Love him, accept the love he gives you and the fun you can have together. Laugh at this one’s silly little antics and make him feel peaceful.

Don’t fear, my dear. Don’t fear loss before loss is even near the door. Enjoy the now, the moment that you be in with this one. This creature does not experience pain the way you do. It’s perhaps not that he doesn’t have it, but he knows when to rest. He knows what to do with his body.

Bless you dearest one, for you do love so.

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