A conversation about the purpose of light workers and guides

Growing Soul is asking “Who are the light workers and what is their purpose?”

They are beings of pure light.  They be those of the Christ light.  You would probably have them in many of your belief systems in your physical world.  They have evolved to a state where they can be in many places at one time. They don’t really perform miracles, but in their presence miracles seem to happen. Or something which you might think is a miracle, like walking on water. They’re really not of the physical world.  They have moved beyond it but when they do attend to the physical world, the sort of things that occur are very astonishing.

So you’re saying that these are beings, these very, very high beings can come and take on a body?

Sometimes, not always.  They will not stay for very long.

So if they’re not in the body, what is their purpose?

To do exactly what we in energy form do.

Are you a light worker?

No, my dear.  I hope to be.

I see.  So is this something that you evolve towards?


Can you explain a little bit about that part?

You see, we’re all growing.  We’re all moving towards the one.  And so, the energies just simply heighten by…..well, as you grow, the beings that are assisting you are growing, and the beings that are assisting them are growing.  Do you see what I mean?

Yes.  My spirit guides grow as I grow and they have guides or helpers as well?

Yes.  There are many dimensions.

Sometimes when we talk to guides they say they are of the light.  Is that the same?


Sometimes it seems there’s a group of them.

Does it?

Yeah.  Sometimes they say they are part of a group.

Well I suppose we all are.  You too.

Did we begin in this dimension?

If you choose to. You needn’t. There are other dimensions you can begin in. I think it’s a bit confusing. There are some that have hopped from dimension to dimension causing great stress on themselves and really it can be quite confusing.

Where did you live when you lived here?

I lived in a fine white house in a beautiful place in Connecticut.  That was the last time I was here.

And now you’re on the other side assisting us?

Hmm, mmm.

So will you return to a lifetime here?

Well I could if I really needed to, but probably not Connecticut.

No, some other place.  Do you get to choose where you return to?

It would all depend upon who I was working with.  If someone desperately needed assistance and what I would consider was one of my specialties, perhaps I could….(chuckling) I’m sounding far too human, I’m sure I’ll be in trouble for that.

It’s very interesting for us to talk to someone like you who has still so many memories of being human.

Oh, I think you don’t understand how joyful it is to have a lifetime, to be in a body.  I know you all feel separated by that separation when you come into the physical world, but it is truly a magnificent dimension.

I believe it is.

I had many, many, many wonderful growing experiences.

But now you’ve moved beyond.

Oh I still have wonderful experiences, yes.

How are they different?

Oh they are as different as day and night; dark and light.  They are very, very different.  They’re very intense, they’re mostly just helping beings express love within themselves – within their selves of their self.  I don’t know if you understand that.  Oh it’s gotten so confusing in your world.

That’s true.  And we sometimes make it more confusing.

I think the more evolved a being is, the soul, the energy of the spirit, the more they understand. There will be many things they will never have to complete, as us too.  And that is exactly as it should be.  There is a knowing that arrives in just being. It’s, well, it’s a simple as a daisy growing in the snow, just for you.

You can see the YouTube video of this conversation by clicking here.

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  1. julia August 16, 2013 at 9:38 am - Reply

    hi. im Julia macneil, 20 yrs old from glace bay, ns Canada. I am dying from a very odd condition. im out of time and options. I need to know what my death will be like and who will be there. I am extremely scared.

  2. GrowingSoul August 16, 2013 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    The guide talks of very special beings and refers to them as light workers. The concept going around on the web though is that of someone who feels compelled to help others or the planet to help evolve the Earth Consciousness. Are they different?

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