A conversation about loved ones passing over

S  –  About a year and a half ago I had an experience when I was meditating and this woman came up to me and told me she was proud of me and it was really emotional for me as I just lost my grandma.  I don’t know who that was but there was also a scary man and I told him to go away.  There was this feeling where I just rushed back into my body and I couldn’t stop crying.

The guide’s response:

You experienced the entities or guides of love that are with you.  This scary one wasn’t necessarily scary but reminded you of a lifetime in which you had a great deal of fear, nothing that you need fear now.  But what you found was that amazing place of love–an unconditional acceptance of who you be.  That is why you teared up my darling, from being reunited with the great love that is there for you.  For in spirit, there is great love and you are quite an amazing being.  And know that your grandma, she’ll be fine.

It is often hard when the ones we love leave.  We hear they are with us but it doesn’t feel like that.

Yes.  When you dwell in bodies it often is not so receptive of feeling the energy of another one.  But most people do experience that visit every now and then from a loved one.   They will say it is just a touch, a smell, or a feeling that they were close.  And it is true.

You see, you spend time some time in-between before you begin again. They are not in my dimension, but they are still very much in your dimension.  A time to see every action of your life and how it affected others.  To understand did you do it in the right way?  Was it acceptable for who you be.  Then you decide to return and do it again.  And, sometimes, you just need to stay close to the loved ones.  Sometimes you just need to say that you are still there with them. And some beings have so desires to see children grow or babies develop and stay very, very close for a very long time.

But the choice is truly yours as to how long you will stay in that place before you return.  You don’t have to understand anything about this returning to a lifetime over and over again.  I want you to know that you are a continuum each of you blessed beings, a light that returns into a body that you create to learn to grow.  This amazing place you dwell in is a great classroom of learning, every choice, every moment is yours to take to the highest moment that you can do.

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