A conversation about empathy and spirit growth

Blue Violet is asking if all people are born with empathy or is it learned?  She asks if it can  be shut off with negative experiences. Why do some see kindess, empathy and emotion as weak and what tends to cause these types to attack? If they truly think they are strong then is it not unnecessary and cowardly to attack and bully? Do they really enjoy their moment of “power” while acting upon their judgements? What can you say of some who stand by and watch without defending those that are being attacked.  Can you talk a little bit about these questions?  

The guide’s response:

Yes, my dear.  I know what it is she asks.  She’s tired of people being so mean spirited.  This being sees negativity all around and yet her heart is so gentle.  Empathy, compassion,  comes from growth.  The brand new soul, the brand new being, the fracture of love, has not anything but love.  And so you might think that understanding would come from there.  But in truth it comes from experiencing of negativity, of positive factions. It comes from lifetime experiences: pain, hurt.  Once you have received these you know what it feels like; once you have administered you now how shame feels.  But there is no shame until you have been on the receiving end; there is no compassion until you have felt the pain.

So yes, my dear, you feel compassion, empathy and pain because you have lived it; you have learned it.   You have stood in the place of those who have been mean spirited.  That is why you know it, and that is why you would never choose to do it again.  SO have compassion for your being—and for those who choose this route, for they are learning.

So it’s all about learning through experiencing both sides of everything?

Yes my dear, that is what the human existence is about: learning both sides and finding the balance in the middle—of everything.  That is not judgment; that is growth.

I know I’ve asked this before, but what is the purpose of all this growth?  We come in as new souls, you say, who know nothing but love, and yet we still have to go through this… 

Yes it’s what you do with that love that creates the growth– and the ultimate return to that greater love.  You see, my dear, I cannot even speak to you of what the wholeness of God or Mother Energy is, for I only know a part of it.  I know that there is only one direction: towards the light.  And that we all move in that   way.  But the understanding, the knowing of Mother Energy, Tao, God is so great that it cannot be contained.  It cannot even be imaged.  I only know that it is.  And that you and I are a part of this.

Thank you.

Bless you, my child, for asking.

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