A conversation about an old dog

What about my dog.  Is there something wrong with her?

She has a viral….  Well, it happens sometimes in older creatures, their liver makes their own immunity very strong and it has failed a little bit because of this attack.  And there are a few difficulties occurring in her system.

And is it treatable?

To some degree, yes.  But you know very well that this one’s path is nearing an end.  I know you’re hesitant to understand and accept this but it is true.  But also know that she will continue.  Do not be afraid.

She will continue?  What do you mean?

Being with you.  As all do, very much so in the physical domain.

Oh you mean after they leave their bodies?


But, it’s just not the same.

No.   You’ve got some time. Do not worry.  The process of leaving, especially for a creature of such love, they do not do it quickly.  They like to give you lots of warning.  This one has always been a soothing creature for you, and will not stop.

My daughter who is a nurse was saying people need to hear that it’s ok to go.  Is that the same for animals?

You do not need to say the words, this creature knows these things already.  They are not unevolved.  Do not think for one moment because they do not have a language that you can understand that they do not have a language and a way to receive yours.  They know how ill you are, how well you are, if you are upset.  Yes.  Before you even get close to they they feel it.  If you fear.

Their sense of smell picks up every vibrational note in your body.  Their sense of hearing hears your heartbeat from a very great distance.


Oh yes, never underestimate these beautiful creatures.  Yes, those people who think they know all about these things are very wrong sometimes.

Well, animals are so important to many people.  I know that they come to bring love.


To give and receive it.  To bring it out in us.

To teach you unconditional love.



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