Needing insight into a partner’s health concerns

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAngie – My partner has had stomach issues for many years with little break from the discomfort. We know that stress, anxiety, and some foods are triggers, but we don’t know much else. Tests for various diseases have all been negative. I’m hoping you can offer any answers or insights as to the cause and any possible remedies for him, and is one more important to focus on than the other (cause or treatment)?

Dearest one, in your part of this path in his life, he has developed certain mechanisms to use to tell him to speak for his body.  This is one of those centers.  It is true this one has an under developed digestive system; the gallbladder, the small intestine.  But it also is a center of great emotional issues of how he feels about the world and how he thinks the world feels about him.  It often goes hand in hand with certain things of what one must learn on a path can also cause the physical body to be under developed or over developed.

Let us begin.  He should of course try to follow a healthy lifestyle one in which he has plenty of enzymes to digest food. He should eat foods that you would feed a young growing child, healthy foods; not fried and not too artificial.  He should also make sure that when he eats there is nothing to interfere with the digestion as in negative thoughts, or conversation. So he can begin by including certain enzymes, this will help. Do not drink hot or cold liquids while eating.  Make sure that there is a rest period for the stomach, at least eight hours, hopefully at night.  He should concentrate on things that give him high energy quickly. These will be broths and easily digested food.  I do not think he should have tofu of any form and there are certain fermented things that could cause a great deal of difficulty.  He does not have h-pylori, but he does have a great deal of stress that he is not talking about and this is his, what do you call in your world, achilles heel, the point of weakness in the body.

Tell him to speak to his body.  Ask him.  I know he might feel foolish.  You talk to him if he won’t.  Talk to him as a third party. Ask him to come up with just a single word to represent an answer if he is uncomfortable.  And don’t try this once, but many times.  Include this conversation when this pain is trying to speak to you, to him as a part of this conversation.  And be not afraid.

And you, my dear, you worry of him so much and you do not think of your own being.  Sometimes beings get so lost up in another’s path they forget that they must do their own work. Do not allow his needs to be your work.  Let him do his and you yours.  Share in this balance.  Bless you my child.

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