For every being that stands in their light, there is less darkness


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Growing Soul – Can the guides talk about Narendra Modi? Many believe he could be India’s next PM given his record for economic growth in his state. But he is also a fascist who was responsible for ethnic cleansing of Muslims in his state in 2002 and has been found not guilty by the courts(mainly because witnesses turned hostile due to threats from his party). In his own state many still live under constant fear.The US and UK recognize this and have revoked his visa… But in India he maintains an iron grip over his own state. Will he ever be brought to justice? And could he really become the next PM?  

Dearest, do not be of so frustration.  Change is happening.  Change is at hand. It will come in waves, back and forth.  Your country has had some great steps forward, but the ancient ways hold fast and they are going to take a while before the old ways are broken. It is true your governments have been very incested with those that are not of a true passion for the greater good of man and woman.  But that does not mean that you stop believing in what you believe is your truth.  You must always make choices that support your truth.  Do your voting, do your actions.  I do not mean to stand in the way of harm so that you will be eliminated from this path, for there is the possibility of a great deal of violence ahead.

But you can make changes and you will have an effect.  For every being that stands in their light, there is less darkness.  For every being who says NO to the condemnation of women and the greater good this will cause. Please, blessed one, continue your path and keep searching and talk and trust and be.  Worry not as to whether this one will be.  Trust and make your choices for what you want to be.  Bless you my child for seeking.  Bless you for being and you are on an amazing path.

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