apple branch

What is the purpose of all of this evolving?

To evolve is a natural order. It is as natural as growing.  You cannot arrest this growth.  And you have come to a time when it is your spirits that are growing.  Not to say your spirits have not been growing in the past, but they have been doing growth through the physical.  And now is the time for it to grow to expand on its own with the aid of your physical being.  Lessons can be used through the physical or the spirit.  Oh, these words.  I shall give you an example.

Think of yourself as an apple.  Through your many lifetimes this apple that you are has been concentrating on its flesh, its skin, its color, its sweetness or tartness and the lessons learned from the other apples around it.  Now you have evolved to a time when it is not just your apple, but your branch, and your leaves, your tree, your roots, the air and the water that feeds you.  Do you understand?

Is everyone in the world at this place of awareness?

No, not everyone.  There are many apples left that are just concerned about the barrel of apples.  But now you have opened yourself to a wider scene and have become aware that there is more than just you and a core.  There is a cycle that evolves but it is not totally clear even for all of us, the whole, the infiniteness of that which you call God, that which we call Mother energy.  It is neither created nor is it destroyed.  It has no beginning, nor no end.  There is a symbol we use, a circle within a circle, within a circle, continuous and never ending.

You evolve from this plane.  I shall explain.  You come as a piece of Mother energy, a very small and very erratic piece to be quite honest.  And in this physical being that you are given as a gift.  Yes, it is a gift your physical body.  And the other gift is free will.  And this lovely energy that is set within this being thus begins to grow.    And with each lesson that the physical being encounters the vibration quickens or heightens.  And over many years and lifetimes and experiences eventually the vibration becomes too intense to dwell within your being. To dwell within a physical being on a physical plane, thus you evolve to that which we are.  And that is by no means the end.  For we evolve through the aid of you to higher realms, each evolving causing a greater vibration. And there will be other spheres you will visit.  It is amazing.

By simply allowing us to guide you it is as if, yes, teacher and student, but we do not teach we simply aid.