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Dear Guides and Helpers, thank you for your response to my questions. You all have helped me greatly. Your service is invaluable and thank you for your great service. They are most helpful. I was told that I have a move coming up. Is this a move to a new residence and can you give me a time frame? I only planned to move when I got married. They also said that I will travel to a few places. I wonder why.

Also, I purchased some drinkable bentonite from GP(abbreviated) and some facial bentonite called AS(abbreviated). I had a severe heavy metal poisoning and have been getting better. My concern is if it is safe for me to use at all and specifically for heavy metal detox or should I just stick with my current regime and just add the vitamins and minerals? I have been on heavy metal detox and I want to keep such toxins away. Thank you so much!

Dearest one, this substance is very absorbent and does absorb many times its weight in the body. Unless you drink copious amounts of water at the same time you will cause irritation in your large intestine, so be very careful.  It is best to know to be gentle with your being.  The minerals help to strip the toxins from your body.  Water is one of the best substances to remove the toxins and exercise, walking and laughing is also very good for it as it jiggles the abdomen and releases deeply embedded toxins.

As to moving, dearest one, it is simply about exploring your world.  Be brave.  Step outside and travel.  Go a little farther each time. You do not fully understand but there is a need for you to step away from a place that has become a shelter, a home and in some ways a place to hide.   You are a beautiful being.  Travel in the company of those that bring you comfort.  So much to learn and to give your world.  As to the actual moving, worry not of that yet.  Just start by doing a little more travelling.

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  1. Pippi October 26, 2011 at 10:38 pm - Reply

    Dear spirit guides,
    I would greatly appreciate guidance about how to regain health and vitality in my body and those of my family members. We all suffered from an intestinal infection which lasted for over a year. The effects of this illness continue to linger, affecting my hormonal balance and ability to digest. I am take care to avoid allergens like gluten, dairy and red meat, eat only warmed foods and have regular acupuncture. I wonder if I am continuing to heal or if this is as good as it will ever get. My husband is similarly affected, we both struggle to gain weight. Our children seem ok but I worry…

    I take my spiritual world very seriously and try listen constantly to my own intuition about what my body needs within each moment. I would love to know if I am on the right track – and if my family is ok too.
    Thank you so much for your help!
    Lots of love.

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