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A prayer for these precious children

A Prayer As I light this candle today, I ask for love and healing for us all. I can hear the voices of these precious children. We have failed them. They have not failed, they [...]

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International Women’s Day

It is believed that the females of most species are the life-givers, the nurturers, the healers. There is a very different energy that is possessed by women. Though unique to each, there is a strong [...]

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This is it… The Overturn

Many years ago my Guide said to me that we were present in the time of The Overturn. I have to say, the word 'overturn' really meant nothing to me. It was explained to me [...]

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Realizing the Truth of You

Discovering your truth and being the light that you are. You are a fracture of this amazing energy that connects you to the oneness. Within you lies the most powerful creative force beyond the [...]

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A time of light and love

I believe this virus is an instrument for our growth. We are present in a time of great learning. A time when all of us are growing and experiencing the same lesson, but each with [...]

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Eve of the American Election

I know a lot of people in this world are worrying and wishing there was something that we could do in this time of fear and uncertainty. We cannot vote unless you are living in [...]