Wanting to erase a relationship from her mind

Carol asks, “I would like to know if Hank considered our relationship a form of entertainment. Were there ever any feelings or motivation from him to spend time with me for meaningful reasons or was I just a joke? Just another ego boosting female admirer? I tried to be open with him – I probably tried too hard. I should be thankful for knowing him but I feel like a fool and wish I had never met him and wish I could erase any memory of him from my mind.

Dearest one, you would not change loving.  You are perfect in your journey to love and to find joy.  Yes, you dream and have expectations. This being has great difficulties, you know this.  He has inabilities to move forward and chooses to stay in a state that you could not be.

Do not erase any part of your brilliant path.  You learned, you grew and the exchange of love helped another grow, not one you have known about.  You have often helped many that you have not known about.  Do not erase any part of you.  You are magnificent: being human, feeling pain and trusting. Loving, laughing, crying–these are exquisite abilities always, not only in this time of physical experience.  Be willing to thank yourself for allowing yourself to grow, allowing yourself to feel, and allowing yourself to move forward radiant and strong.  I know you often make fun and laugh about it. You are richer, you having lost nothing.  Bless you my child.

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  1. Moh May 12, 2010 at 6:38 am - Reply


    I have a rather “vain” question to ask you guys…I was wondering if it is possible, through reiki and meditation, to make my wrinkles go away and improve the general quality of my skin, and also to make my hair grow thicker. Is it possible to actually manipulate the cells through intention. While I realize that I need to love myself for who I am and that looks aren’t everything, that I am beautiful the way I am…I’d really like to know if it is possible to make the body heal in this way. Also, is is possible to reverse aging nearly, if not completely, altogether?

    Thanks very much and many blessings! Love your blog, great source of enlightenment and peace for many.

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