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I have seen two ads for jobs that have sparked my interest and which I feel I would be able to do as I need a fresh challenge. Please can you tell if I will be successful in either role and whether they would be a positive move. My concern is that once my boss is aware I’m looking for a new job things will be made difficult for me. Also I’m concerned that I may have to take a pay cut but I’m willing to make the change to seek happiness in my job as long as I can cover my commitments. Also, why can’t I attract love and financial security into my life after many years of trying?

The guide’s response:

I suppose really, dearest one, what you’re asking me is: what is more important, happiness or security? And if you don’t understand that being happy and loving oneself is security, then you have placed it in the wrong place, my dear.

You have to be secure within yourself no matter what job you take. And wouldn’t you just be freer and happier if it was in a job that made you feel good? I know that not every position can always fill this in people, but then they seek it in other places. But you seem to have placed yourself in a very tight spot, even to the point where you have days when you can hardly even take a deep breath.

So how can you think about love and the freedom and the wonder of growth if you have slapped this label of “you must do” upon yourself? Oh, you do not want the responsibility even of looking for something happy. So you want me to give you permission to seek employment that might make you happy. Why would I say not to do this? Why would I say, “No you must stay and be miserable”?

Blessed one, no. That is not truth. Examine what you have done. Examine how some days you feel even too exhausted to lift your arms and yet you have not been physically exhausted. You   are mentally exhausted, by pushing yourself forward in a position and a way that is not you.

You do not want to attract someone who likes that person. You want to attract someone who likes who you really are. So the shift must take place, in order to draw love. Is there someone waiting in the wings? Yes my dear, there is. But in this place where you are now you would not choose this one.

It does not mean you must throw out everything. Stop worrying about what a boss might think, and start worrying about what you need to do for you.

You do not understand how strong you are or how highly intelligent you are. You’ve believed the line that you must have some certain degree or education to achieve greatness or happiness. And, oh, how wrong that is in your world, my dear.

Start radiating the light of who you be. You’ve been told this before. You are full of light. You have great depth of love. Start radiating it. Attract it to you. Start applying for jobs, all kinds of them. And see what falls at your feet.

So she wonders about attracting love and financial security. How would she go about radiating herself?

By doing things differently. By starting your day with: Hello beautiful. And we are going to have a wonderful day, for I am. I am love. I am light. I am God within.

And when you meet people and when you apply for a job… oh, perhaps you aren’t going to say “I am God within”… but you are going to write in that application that you love people, that you are a great communicator, that you’ve always been there, a strong and true friend. Think of all your attributes. You are an amazing being. You don’t know how to sell yourself. But you do know that you are worth selling. I mean this in a positive way, my dear.

And when you’re in a position of meeting someone and your heart is thrashing, and you are afraid to say one word, smile a beautiful smile and just open your heart allow this amazing energy to flow out of your heart to that person and around that person. Or when you’re applying for a job, send that light from your heart to that job.

You know when you said “sparked your interest”… that door started to open. Throw the gates open, and allow that light inside of you to rush outside and around others. You will surely refill it very quickly, if you allow yourself not to be limited.

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  1. dublingirl123 August 31, 2014 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    Since ET, Star Wars, Contact there are many movies made about life on other planets. Is this help preparing our consciousness in a way? How many other planets are you aware of with life forms? Will humans become globally aware of a connection with another species from a different planet? As far as spiritual evolution, where are human beings in comparison with other species?

  2. dublingirl123 August 31, 2014 at 7:33 pm - Reply

    Most people in the world want peace, enough food and work to support their families in creating the best life possible. Any our world now ha many pockets with violence. Many innocent children are experiencing lack of security with the traumas of war. Is this part of a higher purpose or it more of a reflection of our collective fear. I am asking about the children in Palestine, Iraq and Syria yet there may be many other places where the voices are not heard or shared in the media. Blessings.

  3. dublingirl123 August 31, 2014 at 7:38 pm - Reply

    A guide once mentioned the Eloheim. Can energies of the Eloheim or angelic realm come through Jane, OR only those beings and guides who once walked the earth plane? Can you please describe the Eloheim? Love and thanks.

  4. dublingirl123 August 31, 2014 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    Can you speak about money and emotional connections. I was once told by a healing practitioner that most people have a charge about giving and receiving of this currency. Can you please touch on the energy flow of money and how to heal if one has had financial struggles or a belief that they are not deserving of financial ease. How does one create and attract an ease with money whether it is saving it, spending it, sharing it? Heartfelt thanks!

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