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Purple Pirouette writes, “I met someone recently and I’m sure I must have had a past life with him. It must have been a very happy relationship in our past because his company is extremely enjoyable and too comforting for someone I have never met. I am concerned I am enjoying a memory and not the person who is here in front of me. I’m not sure how it is for him but for me it’s a bit overwhelming. Can you give me any guidance on what to do with this and possibly tell me anything about our history and is there a promise for us to pursue or is the fact that we have met and said hello again enough?”

We have two responses to Purple Pirouette’s question.  Because of a mix-up we ended up asking her question twice, and two different guides responded.  The answers are consistent in their message but are presented quite differently so we thought it would be interesting to post both responses.  The first is from the guide we call The Professor and the second (in italics) is from a lovely soft female guide.

Oh, wise little one, you have answered your own question.  It is enough that you have met again and you must bask in the joy and the excitement in this being.  There is part of you that wants to bring back the deep romance that was and it isn’t quite there on your path right now.  But trust and enjoy the wonder of it, being present in a physical lifetime.  It is a blessed thing.  Enjoy this.  Enjoy all of it my dearest one, you deserve it.   As to past history, I will tell you that you were an unbelievable nitpicker before.  I won’t tell you what he is.  When you find you want to nail down, zero down and confine, let go and have a good laugh at yourself because it was something that drove him crazy in the last time.  You don’t need to bring it up again as it is completed.  Joyful, joyful.  It is a blessed thing.

Enough and more my dear one.  You must trust in this amazing process, your path.  To feel the comfort and warmth is good.  Do not launch forward in expectations, time and place and plans.  Too much of that in your world.  Be in the moment and relish it.  For it has been a good long time since the two of you have not been together.  And when this reunion took place it was perfect.  As to that that was, times in the lands of Italy.  You spent together in the warm sun and in warm waters.  For these things will draw you again, to be in places of great leisure and comfort.  Don’t worry you do not need to climb mountains with this one.  You have done this in the past.   You have had great treks of promises fulfilled.  To come together again, of course, there is great joy in promise at hand.  But worry not as to what it is, let it unfold blessed one.  I cannot tell you of your promises for it would take from your growth.  Be that that you are and allow all to unfold.  It is a blessed thing, my dear.

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  1. Pam July 24, 2010 at 9:12 am - Reply

    My husband’s business is failing. They are not in trouble with the bank and are being proactive about going forward with whatever they need to do. It came to me that it would also be proactive to sell our home. He is not receiving a salary and mine does not cover the current bills. I am also seriously considering separating from him after the sale of this house. I have compassion for him, but do not love him like a ‘husband’. He feels more like a brother. I have stayed with him because I thought I had more financial security, but feel like this is a sign from the universe telling me to wake up. If I stay with him I feel like I’m doing it to be nice but it is not what my heart desires. Do you have any words of wisdom for me?

  2. Purple Passion Flower August 11, 2010 at 6:25 pm - Reply

    I feel a soul connection with someone I work with but there is a vast age difference and verbally they have said they aren’t interested in me but their body language and eyes speak volumes in the opposite direction. Is this person from a past life and what was the connection then? Is there a chance that something wonderful could come of this, and if so when? If not, how do I move forward? I also am separated from my spouse and don’t know whether I should return for their sake or my own.That was a cold and somewhat abusive and neglectful marriage but I don’t know if this person has changed though they say they have. I am getting old and fear I will never find true love. Is it possible for me or too late? If it’s not too late will it be soon because I am so weary and lonely for a solid romantic long lasting relationship.

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