Anger or fear of being overwhelmed

Kay writes, “I need to know did I do anything wrong. Is he angry with me?”


No dear, it is not anger. It is fear. Things became too close for comfort. Do not worry, take a deep breath. Take some time to enjoy your heart, your life, trust. All beings need to have a certain amount of space, or energy around them, so they can hear their own thoughts and feel their own feelings. Sometimes, when a being is very overwhelmed with something that space can get very, very tight. Allow this one space. Make no attempts to force any issue at this time. No anger, dearest. Bless you my child.

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  1. Kay January 29, 2010 at 2:48 am - Reply

    Thank you for your reading.I was overwhelmed when I wrote and asked was he angry.He passed away in May 2009, and I was not coping, and could not feel him near, and life was so very hard, I just wanted some comfort from him, and felt nothing…that he was not only done with this earth, but done with me too. He laughed at my beliefs, in a good humoured way, and joked that there was no such thing as the hereafter…I am scared he was right, as I still do not feel him around. I long for him.He waited so long for a transplant, and fought so hard, and in the end he was not himself because of the medications in the ICU. I know that, but his distrust shattered me then and still does now….I just need to know that he understands what happened, and that I had no control, neither did the kids….it was taken out of our hands, until the very end,when they let us just be…. him and us to his journeys end.

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