K writes:

Thank you for for this blog. Thank you for everything. There’s a mess now. The honesty feels right though, however I’m afraid there’s one that won’t be so calm about it and will blame, gossip, won’t see the big picture, the steps that led to the mess. What is best for all, for me to step back and stay slient, stand up and speak, walk away or O.N. – would like to stay friends but maybe this is a place I don’t belong? Please help. Who else can I speak to that is as non-judgmental and as good a listener. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you have grown so beautifully.  The truth is always a wonderful thing but remember that it is yours and others might struggle with theirs.  Remember that you are not ever responsible for another being’s growth, or their truth.  They must come to it on their own.

If asked a question, of course you will speak from the centre of your being, your truth.  If asked a question, if needed, you will step forward in any capacity that you can do, or help.  As to being a friend, you have no capacity to not be a friend, blessed one.  You will be exactly whom you have become, in your radiance, in your truth.

Do not think of it as a mess. Think of it as a state of growing and I see that as a wondrous state to be in.  Rejoice in that that is known. Rejoice in knowing who you are and in finding peace in your truth. Bless you for your growth, you do it beautifully.