Love is being present to allow all that that is needed for growth

A friend – Please can I ask a general question re: self love, sharing of light & the teacher within? In response to many questions, you say that these are the things ‘people’ need to do & search for FIRST, but what steps can be taken to achieve this? How can ‘we’ feel and find something inside… especially if we do not feel positive or happy? Are there actions that we can take to help, when these things are lacking? It would be great to hear some further advice/pointers on this topic. Many thanks x

Oh dearest one, if loving one’s self was such an easy task you would all have all done so a long ago. It is the reason why there are many, many lifetimes, conditions, situations and promises.  For through all of these things one needs to find love for one’s self.  At the beginning of all of this it might seem like an impossible task.  It will be a difficult one for all of the different conditions set up to learn, to love, to allow the radiant being to shine through it.

Your world, your society has many conditions on what it calls love.  In truth, being present, being willing is love.   How to begin to love one’s self when the habits of being unhappy, or  negativity, seems so strong in your body?  Alright.  Choose for a time to be as the mother of yourself or in some conditions, the father of yourself.  How would you choose to raise and love and nurture this being, this being you?  Think about your path, your childhood, or conditions in which you felt very troubled.  How?  When you love this being so much, being the mother of this being, how would you choose to treat this being? Or, what would you advise this being to do under the understanding of learning? Separate yourself from your path, witness it.  Separate from emotions, feelings, truths and understanding.  Stand with no feelings and look upon the path.

There are many needs for this time to look back at where you have been in order to understand who you be. And in that process you can find that you love your being.  If you are angry at your being look to when did this anger start?  Be inquisitive of your own path.  This does not mean you are stuck in a place of no growth.  It means before you take the next steps you must understand why you have arrived to here.

Sometimes the confusion of the conscious mind in the physical world takes on a certain understanding as being the truth.  But now that truth seems limiting, or is limiting you from achieving that what you want.  You can only see this if you take time, to witness it by being its guardian, guide or mother.

Many of your religious beliefs in your world now, or your great teachings place blame, conditions, expectations and rituals. Release yourself from all of this. See yourself with clear eyes of life and love.  If you feel you have made mistakes look deeper.  Ask yourself what did I learn from them and you will then take a negative and turn it into a positive.  This is love. Try not to use the word of love that is now responsible for so many actions in your physical world.   Love is paying attention.  Love is seeing, it is hearing, it is the active movement of growth.  To know you are choosing to move forward, to grow.  To know what you are choosing to make your heart bliss.  Love of self is not adornment, it is not ego, it is being present in a body to allow all that that is needed for your growth. Know that you are important.  That your presence helps to make the magic for all, not only your path but for  others as well.  Bless you my dear for seeking, for trying, for being.

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  1. a friend December 21, 2011 at 12:54 pm - Reply

    Thank you very much Ladies & Guides.
    I wish all readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope that 2012 is a joyful year for all x

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