Your choices and those of others–all create growth

Chanti writes:

My dear guides, sorry to say but I do not understand too clearly what you are saying to me. Sorry, but English is my second language and at times some of the words can be confusing for me. I was wondering if you could give an easy way for me to understand better what you are saying to me .When you say “But understand there lies the growth of the others too in this,” do you mean I am hurting some people because I am going to sell my condo? I never expected to hurt someone because of this and course feel sad if I do.

And I am confused as well when you say. “You dwell in a time that you chose that has some obstacles for growth, for you.”  My  apology if I am asking your help for me to understand the meaning of words. It seem that sometimes I get confused and try to translate my first language and my second language.

I want to give a big big thanks to the wonderful women who are making this website and this way of communicating possible. Thank you and Merci.


The guide’s response:

Blessed one.  Firstly dearest, take a deep, deep cleansing breath and try to cause all of yourself to let go, to relax.  You are very anxious about doing all things.  You are very afraid of wasting time. But nothing is wasted, blessed one.  You learn, you grow from every act, from every experience that you see and do and be in.

When it was said that the selling of your home might have some obstacles, they are perhaps some of yours and perhaps some of others.  It doesn’t mean the others are causing you pain or you are causing them pain.  You see, many paths cross and they create growth for each other and move on. The creation of growth is not just for you blessed one, but for all beings that are present in your life.  You are not the only, you are not the one, there are many.

And some of these elements of others growth will affect you but it does not mean that you are responsible in any way for them, for their growth.  In the way they affect you, you will have a choice and you shall grow from your choices.  You have often been confused about this. There is nothing, no spirit, no element doing it to you.  There is a part of your knowing that you have placed upon your path certain elements that you will choose and grow from.  Some of these promises will have relationships with other beings, some not, but there is nothing to fear, nothing to feel that you must guard against.

Welcome all elements of growth with open arms, blessed one, and know that in all there lies a wonder, an opportunity to grow.  Embrace them with light and love. Allow it to unfold.  Allow it to unfold blessed one. You are in the light.


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