You need not fit to the words and needs of others — but be that that you are


One calling himself “Always love” writes to say he is in a difficult and painful place and his mind is tormenting him with so many things.  He feels lost and is struggling. Do you have any words to help him understand?

Dearest dearest one, every being in your physical world is different, is unique and precious. It would not be possible for all to do and be the same, for the growth of the promises for each are separate and individual.You are a bright, shining one. You need not fit to the words and needs of others, but be that that you are. You are full of life even though you feel you are fearful, nervous, high-strung.  They say they never know what to expect from you, because you are always having a different thought or need or vision of what to be.

It would be very good for you to write. Write your rhymes, your songs, your thoughts, your beautiful pictures down. It gives you direction and helps you to channel this information through you. When a high spirit such as yourself is present in the world, often the growth and learning is not for you, but many will have promises or tasks of learning with you.  It does not mean that you must change who you be to fit their needs. You must walk and be tall within your own being.

If you keep going backwards and looking to that that was instead of going forward you will limit yourself, your growth. You are not the same being you were yesterday—or even this morning. You are different by the time the sun sets.

Growth is the vibration of your soul; it vibrates at a rate that is the sum of all your learning. Do not concentrate just on the vibration but on that that feeds it—the magic in your world that you see and touch each day. Know that you have heightened vibration, so there are things and places that will fit you better than others. It is only the wise ones who know this about themselves.

You are not lost, my dear. You’re just trying to fit into something you were, instead of who you be now. Embrace your wonder; embrace your confusion from time to time. For it is only when you are not sure that you do something you can be sure about.

The good and bad in life are all there to teach you. Fear nothing, but know and trust that you shall continue on your path.

You, my blessed one have lived many, many lifetimes. So there are many keys in your world that will remind you of past understandings. And you may even have thoughts and visions of that that was. But if you become obsessed about those things you will not do what you came to do in this life. Just know that the veil between lifetimes for you is quite thin. Or shall I say that you can see through it from time to time.

Remember that these visions, these thoughts, these memories are done. They are complete. You need not try to walk in them anymore.

You bring forward all you need to in this life. And you are a beautiful being, a very creative one. There are many that you can help by talking about how you feel and how you be–the world from your corner of the world, so to speak.

You have a purpose my dear. It may not be clear to you yet, but it is coming clearer and clearer. Bless you my child. And embrace that wonderful life you have, for it is filled with love.

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