You must have the ability to express who you are


Can the guides please give me some guidance on my current living situation? I am mentally ready to move forward on a new path, however,I feel unsure of how to make that happen.

I would also like to know what would assist me the most in raising and maintaining a high vibration during my hormonal swings.

I have started a cleanse and would like to know if this will help.

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My blessed, beauty.  What a wondrous being you are, a rare and exquisite being, a bird of great beauty.  I’m not surprised he wants to cage you in, but you must have the ability to express who you be, to move and to laugh; to live fully.

And if this being does not allow this, you will find yourself wanting elsewhere, seeking an escape to fly between the bars to a perch high and far away.

Cleanse, you say? A cleanse often weakens the human body.  Cleansing yourself of toxins is not what is needed.  You want a fresh, new start to rethink many things.  You say you have hormonal difficulties, but in truth, at those times of your menses, there is an opening to clarity and that is why at those times you might feel more confused, but it is exactly a time of clarity and seeing where you be and how unhappy you are.

It is not about cleansing, my dear, it is about clearing.  It is about allowing yourself space and time and ability to be.

No being lives dependent upon another for their very existence and yet this you are trying to do.  To learn to find your strength within, this is what you need to do; not to cleanse out toxins, but to take in love of self.  Honor your being by seeing it, witness your life, step outside of it with an open and trusting heart watch your life.  See how you be in that greater self and how you feel about the conditions in which you are forcing your life to be.

It is good that you gather with others.  You hear other tales and their lives.  It gives you a vision and an ability to see; not through judgment, but comparison and understanding that others have needs and choices.  Don’t allow another being, not through a spiritual path, nor through a condition of love to tell you what to do, or how to be.  You be the decider of this.  You know the truth within.  When a statement is made to you and in the depth of your being you feel a true sense of right, or a true sense of fear or wrong, trust it and follow.  You are developing your sense of communion with your beings of light and love.  That is all good.  You are not far off your path, my dear.  You are truly sensing where you stand in it.

Do not feel alone.  There are many that will speak and listen and you can trust.  You are afraid if you say things out loud that it will only cause more difficulties for you.  Sometimes it is only in the physical world they are bounced back and in the truth you hear it.  Give yourself time and love, dearest and trust that what you ingest will only make you stronger.  Bless you.

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