You must believe in your dreams

P1020742Charlene writes: 

I have undergone a lot of change in the last 7 years and my life is completely different in most ways, except I am very afraid. Even though I have taken a lot of steps to change my life for the better, I still wonder if the good things are just temporary. I fear I will be devastated if I invest too much in my dreams and then they can’t be fulfilled, even though they are quite simple. Can I sustain myself physically, mentally and spiritually if I stay on the path that I am on?


Don’t be afraid, my dearest one.  You have experienced life, growing, evolving.  And since you’ve learned and grown, nothing is lost.  You fear you have made mistakes and lost ground and yet you have not.  Your vibration has heightened; you now value your life.  You value the opportunity set before you.  You say you are afraid to believe in your dreams and yet you must.  You cannot NOT believe in your dreams, my dear; for you are a dreamer, you are a romantic and you will bring that into your life.  The love and the happiness will be yours, my dear.  Don’t be afraid to believe in them.  Just because you have seen others say they have failed in their pursuits of happiness, it doesn’t mean it must be yours.  You create your reality, my blessed one, my sweet one – you can do this.  Rejoice and be happy, for it is yours.

To see a video of the guide answering Charlene’s question, click here.

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