You have a choice: Let it be


Queen 9032 writes:

I am being treated terribly by those I least expected to do so–by those I thought would support me. I mean it is horrible: disrespecting me, rejecting me, and all in a public arena. Did I do something wrong I may not be aware of? Did I disrespect or insult them and may not be aware of it? I am trying to make sense of this madness. I don’t want my confidence shaken. This is tough to handle.

It is concerning what I wrote and published. Why are they doing this to me? I did not disrespect anyone or call anyone an insulting name like they have done to me. They cause me to want to become guarded and unsure. I don’t like that feeling. How do I deal with it? So many bad things happened one right after the other. They do the terrible thing and then cut me off completely, so I have no option to speak my truth. 


The Spirit Guide replies:

Blessed one, you have spoken your truth. So let it be. Show no defence to their noise. Be that that you are. If it be your truth that you put out then that’s all that is necessary. You do not need to join in this squabble, which is much more about ego than it is anything else. Let it be.

Be proud of yourself for allowing yourself to do that, to speak that. Do not doubt who you are or if you disrespected anyone. They have choice; you have choice. Let yours be of the highest. Do not take part in this squabbling. It has no place in your being. You spoke it as you saw it and you have a right to that. Let it be.

Many things in life will create different actions and reactions, but that is not under your control. You knew there would be a certain reaction; you just didn’t think it would feel like it is personal. But it can only be personal if you let it be.

So let them just do what they must do, and you be who you are. Have no defence for there needn’t be one. Your truth is your truth; so be it. Thank you for being strong enough to speak it.

Walk with your head high, blessed one. You have nothing to be ashamed of. More should step forward and speak their truth. Thank you for doing so.



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