You cannot be responsible for another’s growth or choices

A Friend writes:

Dear guides… Following your response I am making a conscious effort to ensure that I give my son extra attention and time, as I realise I have been too busy lately! Please can you tell me will his eyes and sight be fine?
He seems happy but are there any specific worries or issues that I can help him with?

Also was B’s recent behaviour and response due to his lack of interest, or something more complex? I made friendly contact with him to say Hi and ask if he was ok due to the storms, but the communication was difficult as before; with very little response and no effort on his part. I believed we could be friends… but now I do not think so…. due to the frustration, delays and bickering. I have decided to ‘give up’ but wonder if the interest was only ever on my part and if we were just incompatible?

with Thanks


The guide’s response:

Dearest one, your child’s eyesight will have difficulties.  I know you have great love for this child, but remember that the greatest love helps another being to do that that they must do: To be strong, to own their own path, to see this not as less than but as perfect for that that is needed–to learn, to grow, to be.

You often feel very lonely dearest one but in many ways you have removed yourself from those that want to help you.  Open the door for them.  Allow beings into your life.  Allow joy, in a moment.  You have a dream, a good dream.  Trust that there will be for you love and happiness.  Know that you cannot be responsible for another’s growth or for what they must do.  Do not stop extending your friendship and love and happiness to others—but know that you cannot be responsible for others growth or for what they will choose to do.

You want to know for sure that you will find that communion with another.  Yes—if you find it with yourself first.  Do not look to others to find that peace and love within.  Yes, bring them into you life, to experience joy with them, but know that your responsibility to find love first lies within you.  So see not the certain things as a burden but as an element of great growth, that you chose to bring forth to enlighten yourself.

Bless you my child.

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