Kelli writes:

I am having a very difficult time trying to find a way to make a change in my life. I know I am stuck as it is an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I am not sure if the change will need to be accomanied by a physical change (moving from our home of 30 years and perhaps separating from my husband) OR if I should keep working on making a gigantic shift in my perspective?If you have any advice, I would appreciate it.


The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you are an amazing writer and you allow yourself not this wonderful talent, for you have dabbled in it from time to time, but never fully allowing it.  You have questioned your relationship with your partner for a very long time, moving back and forth in need and expectation. So many things you have been putting on the shelf never really looking at, or examining, but now you feel as if time is running out and you must stand in your reality and look at it and it is good to look at it.  But don’t judge it so harshly.

Depression, your society uses this word a lot, but, in fact, every being has a time to stand and question is there a will to go on?  It is a time of great growth and moving and always there is confusion and a lack of knowing direction. Firstly, take a quick look at where you have been and where you think you might like to go and where you are right now.  You cannot choose anything until you understand the choices you have already made and where they have brought you to.  Perhaps you would not make the same choices again, but they served an opportunity of great growth and honour them for that. Oh, you loved that firey man at one time, his strength, but you do not see it so now. There is still a deep, abiding love and I know many times you have tried to speak from your heart to him and it has not been understood.  Please give it one more chance.

Do and be that amazing energy that you are.  Give this being the opportunity to fight for you, to help you be that light that you are.  And as for yourself, you can only stifle your artistic creativity for so long.  It will need to be expressed.  Let it be.  None of this is new to you. Trust in your own wisdom, blessed one.  Trust in it.  For if I were to tell you exactly what to do, you would tell me not. Bless you my child.