Being willing

TB – This past year has been very difficult emotionally and physically. My partner severed our relationship in an email addressed to my office. Needless to say, I was both surprised and wounded! I have put a lot of energy into the process of healing, but feel I still have a little more to accomplish. My life today is definitely better than it was a year ago. So, having said that, I am so ready to welcome a new life’s partner! Dear Spirit Guides can you give me some indication that I am on the right path and someone is looking for me also?

Bless you my child for you are willing to love. You are willing to heal.  You are willing to seek, to see, to listen and that is the most wondrous, healthy forward moving state to be in.  You have been deeply hurt, but you were not surprised.  You knew that that would not have a long standing state of being. And so, in a very strange way the pain you received, the heart awakened you.  Anger itself, anger at the loved one, anger has dissolved into seeking your truth. Yes, you have moments back and forth but you have done very well.  Because you are not wearing anger armor you will find quite a few wonderful beings wanting your company.  And, if you are willing, you will choose one for long standing love.

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