LightHello. I am one of many, how can I help?

Joanna  – what do you mean one of many?  Can you tell us about that and how you work with us?

There are beings of light that you might think of as universal, they go to many beings in many places.  They help in time of need.  I am not greater or lesser than others, just one of many.

Joanna – Can you talk about our world today and where we are going and what we need to know.  I know many people are feeling anxious about the direction of things?

Yes, many dwell in fear, anxiety.  Hatred is often a coat of fear. The time you live in is very tumultuous time.  You have seen wars, fighting, great changes at hand.  But the time of fear is ending for one reason is because you can only hold that vibration for so long before you will choose to turn it into an action. And, hopefully, that action will be positive.  The greatest difficulty in your physical world right now is apathy.  Those that do not want to, or cannot, or are not willing to help.  Those who feel it is someone else’s battle and turn their eyes from it. You have all come to be present in this world now to speak your truth. What is your truth?  The truth is when you make a statement and it feels right in every part of your being. Your truth is when you move forward, forward movement into the light that is the right state of being.  It is not a religion.  It is not a political statement.  It is about being energy, energy in a physical world.  You are all light.  That is what your truth is.