MoonMoon – Jane thank-you.  Bless all of you. I realized that every moment in all our lives- past, present, future, known, and unknown – exists simultaneously, as though outside of what we know as time. I have become aware that I am already everything I was trying to attain, and believe this true for everyone….. When I go into prayer my connection with source is profound. Is there anything you would like to tell me about this point on my journey?  Love and Blessing to all of you.

This Guide begins before Moon’s question is asked.  A few exchanges took place that are not transcribed here. Please see the YouTube response for the full dialogue with this humorous guide.

Guide – You need to write, Moon.  Oh I don’t mean write the word moon, I mean needs to write, to put down your experiences, your feelings.  And have them read back to you to understand truly how she feels about all the things that she has come to understand.

Yes, to believe what you think you believe.  Actually it takes another action.  Writing it down and reading it back.  You find that there are parts of it that you will question.  That you will change from day to day, but you will not always have the same understanding and theory, and that is exactly as it should be.  You should not always stay stagnant in one belief and that’s it.  There are no blanket statements (chuckling).  Blanket statement, hmm?  What a silly word.  Anyway, Moon, you have a flare for the dramatic and great ability to write and express yourself and you should do so. 

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