Jo – Will this job be my final job before retirement, and will my financial situation improve? Thank you

Guide – Dearest one, you use the word retirement and yet there will be others asking for your help again.  So I might say there will be many more, that you must decide how much and what you wish to do.  You do know you put yourself in the place so others know you are available.  And so of course they’re going to ask for you.  It’s up to you my dear; you could be helping others for a very long time.  Make sure you help yourself in this scenario.

Any comments about the financial situation?

You know that you will receive what you ask for.   Choose wisely.  There can be a great deal money for you, but you might overwhelm yourself.  Take care of your time, do what you want to do.  You are very susceptible to the needs of others.  They will call from a distance.   It’s up to you, you will choose.

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