Words have no weight; love dissolves all

Sheveta writes:

I had a very bad experience with ‘G’ in past and with the people around me, especially  my classmates who all reacted in very rude way (passing embarrasing remarks, humiliating me).  I’m very very hurt when those things pass my mind.  Why did all that happen?  Why, when I needn’t help God didn’t come. I was always calling Him.

I’ve heard its the past karmas that come back this life so I want to ask specifically what wrong I did to ‘G’ and to my other colleagues in my past lives? Their words are still fresh in my mind, the pain and humilation of all events is still supressed somehwere in my hear. Why me? Im still afraid to face my collegaues in future.  

The guide’s response:

Oh blessed one, blessed, blessed one. God was with you, God was within you.  Have you not ever heard that those that shine the brightest are often attacked in many ways?

But hear not what those who are filled with fear say.  Hear from your own voice that you have never wittingly hurt or harmed anyone and that you move forward in light and gentle trust.  Never fear their judgment for it is of no strength against who you be.

When one such as yourself that has a light that shines so very bright it can often attract those that feel less than and in an attempt to make themselves feel stronger or brighter they may try to cover your light to make your voice still   Do not let that happen, blessed one.  Be who you are, a bright, shining light.

And if you stand amongst them all and feel that they judge you, just radiate your light even for a second.  Make the cushion around you of the most radiant love and none can harm you.  The only harm that you can receive from them is if you believe what they judge you by, and you do not.

There is no karma that you carry forward. You have done no acts of negative.  You are a willing being, present in the physical world to grow, to seek that of the highest.   G is threatened by you — so simply surround the being in light and love for that is the greatest way to heal yourself.

And remember that words have no weight, love dissolves all. This might seem like a higher task than you want but this is the truth, blessed one, and if you take this path none will harm you.

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