P1130252Oh blessed one, I’m not surprised you’re weary of it. You have endured trauma in many ways, and your nervous system does over react. But you have to ask yourself in the true sense of who you be:  What do you want?

If you want that peace, if you want to feel strong and safe, you will find it within yourself when you choose it, when you have decided it is time. It is not something that is given or something that arrives at your doorstep. It’s a knowing that your very vibration has moved through all of these the elements in the physical domain and come to the place of knowing: I am.

Then it will not matter if you are in any certain place or situation, you will know that the power of who you be is stronger than any other. That your connection with the universe is steadfast and never-failing. You will not have to have answers where they are being asked for; you will not have to do actions where they are being pushed. You will be that that you are.

But this is choice of growth that is within you, blessed one. I could say to you: yes you have it right now. And you would say: no I do not. So who has the power, blessed one?