Words for one wanting to get her life back on track

Lindsay writes:

I have recently struggled with drug addiction and was at a very low point in my life. I have been clean from drugs for almost a year now but I am trying to get my life back on track. It has been a difficult and emotional road. I have a lot of fears and uncertainty about what the future holds for me in terms of my career. I have also moved away from my family and not sure how to tell them the truth about my addiction, as I am trying to protect them from getting hurt. I would really appreciate some words of wisdom.

The Guide’s response

Blessed, blessed one, you want to protect others from being hurt, and yet you have been hurt so deeply in your own path.  You have grown, and you approach each day with the newness of how it will be.  How do I congratulate you blessed one, for knowing you are a most beautiful being with the right to love and happiness, with the right to welome into your life all the wonders that are there for you.

See the choices that you’ve made as having had purpose to learn, to learn that you at one time needed to escape from a deep pain; that that pain is still with you but you no longer are afraid of it.  You embrace it as part of being in this wonderful experience of life.  That pain has a voice. The pain came from the early part of your life, from those that you want to protect now.

Dearest one, secrets are never a good thing.  Do not protect anyone from their growth, not yourself, not them.  If you are willing to feel the pain then they should be given that opportunity.  Speak, dearest one.  Release yourself; give yourself freedom from the burdens that have been placed upon you from the secret.

Oh how beautiful you are!  How wise!  How strong!  Do not fear anything having a power over you, other than love of being, and this wonderful exuberance you feel from life.  Yes, it has fear but don’t be afraid of the fear for that is the wonderful unknown.  And in the unknown are the miracles of that that you will learn, that that you will be.

Bless you my child for you are pure love.

Any information for her about career?

Because your path is a great place of learning for you there are many things you could do.  For as we learn we often need to teach, and as we teach we truly must always be the pupil and learn.  Try not to ever limit yourself in one thing, but see your path as a tapestry of many beautiful experiences.  There is a great love coming for you my dear.  Trust that you should do that that brings you joy.  The first sign of that tightness in the middle of your abdomen will tell you:  perhaps this job no longer fits and I shall choose to free myself by doing something I love.

You’ll often find we of spirit are not so fond of finding one career.  We believe that you should express yourself through many different ways.  And that is what a career should be.  Think of yourself as a great artist; find many ways to find the voice of you, to share it with your world.

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  1. Elizabeth July 25, 2011 at 9:04 pm - Reply

    Oh how I love that part… “a career to express yourself through many different ways”…
    I understand it very well in myself, even though many in my family cannot.
    Thank you,

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