Wondering, is he the one?



His kindness is intoxicating and I try to relax when I am around him, but I can’t anymore. I am so concerned with not embarrassing him, and worried that he will be able to read how I feel in my energy and in my eyes. He is so different from anyone I would have been attracted to in the past. Also often I feel like I am watching myself react so differently to people, and situations , I feel off centre as though I have lost some essence of myself. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for this wonderful service.

Isn’t love wonderful?  Isn’t it freeing and bubbling?  It has all different form and energy from the physical to the spiritual, but it is the essence of life. This experience is helping you to understand your spirit in body and the body is manifesting the actual essence of love in the form of attraction of one spirit to the other.

You cannot hide from this once it is present and yes this one will know about it.  You not need take any action, just simply be. And if it effects how you approach and be with others, how wondrous, how perfect.  Let this be the banner you walk under. Is he the one?  Allow this just to be.  Make no choices for that one.  But if he chooses, then you will have a choice. I cannot tell you what choices you will make.  I know the ones you want.  Be open, blessed one.  Be open.

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  1. Carol December 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    My husband recently accepted a good job offer in a new location so I am now relocating with him. Please tell me what is ahead for me and what do I need to know for my highest interest in the upcoming year?

    I send you love and appreciation for this gift!

  2. Chanti December 18, 2011 at 6:25 pm - Reply

    My heart seem confused of some decision I need to make . I met this man in France B.T . and now things are getting more serious and him over there me in Canada .
    He ask me to marry him . I am afraid of marriage again and be hurt again !
    I feel so afraid , to leave everything my job who I have been there for so long and my roots .Afraid of not have money to support myself over there and difficult time to find a job who I would enjoy doing .
    He has children I don’t have children and wondering if his children will accept me ?Specialy is daughter who is very close to him and seem to challenge me .A new woman in her father life .And now it could be marriage .Do I have a promise with her ?
    Do I have a promise with this man ? If so what it is ?We are so so different and so many ways but seem to connect and other ways I never felt before.
    I ask myself how would I know after all the work I am doing on myself and take time to breath and listen to my voice inside I still wondering ???…. But seem still confused and afraid why ?

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