Cathy says she’s been without a partner for quite a long time. She wonders if she’s destined to be alone or whether she should be more active in searching out another partner, or if it will just naturally happen.

Dear one, a being to create a partnership must have an opening in one’s energy, an attraction to that being to come to be filled.  Yours is still filled with one of the loves you had on your path; one that you measure all others by.  You have some unfinished, what you might call an unhealed state of being with that being.  Take time to examine this and understand what holds you back.  There are others to be with you–but perhaps you do not feel that one is complete yet.

Beings make choices in the physical world to complete promises.  Some of these promises are to bring in children; some of these promises are to complete a balance with one another.  But usually when the promise is between two people it can hold a great effect on the whole.  This is still with you my dearest.  It does not mean you cannot love again.  It means you must open yourself to attract another into your life.

Be not afraid. Trust.  This is not going backwards.  It is understanding that which is still with you.  Be in peace my dear.  May I add to this one—my child, need to celebrate being.   You are a strong, brilliant entity.  There is much yet to do.