Wondering how the brain works with spirit

Liindenn M.P. wonders how the brain works.  She asks,  “Why is it that scientists and neurologists can create spiritual sensations, and why is it that they seem to be so sure that all this proves that spirits are illusions that just brain products? I’m on the right path, but these guys seem to flatten my belief system to ashes, saying that love, laughter etc are all just chemicals in our brain.  I  guess they are to an extent, but until someone explains it, I don’t feel as if I can reach my potential.   I’m poetic, and nature loving and I hope that once I stop nitpicking, I will be able to reach my full potential and love more.  Love and blessings.”
Dearest one, you are trying so hard to grasp and understand everything and never make a mistake.  In this you are similar to these scientists– as they never want to make a mistake.  Yet, mistakes can be a great place to start learning.
Trust that the grey matter, mostly made up of water and fat in the physical brain, has abilities to tap into that that is seen and that that is not, that that is already created and that is the process in which you will go and find what you need.  They have many ways of probing the brain.  It can, by great ability, bring up taste, smell, thoughts and feelings.  But, in truth my dear, what they seek to find is God–even though they are pushing at a brain to find it.  They feel it is a neuron, or a perhaps it is a chemical, a chemical bath that bathes the brain. They seek that that cannot be explained by poking the body but by seeing it, and by honouring it, by seeing the whole of its magic.  And each being that uses this energy that makes up the body is a separate being from that body.
As you dwell in this amazing bath of warm fluid, that has an amazing way to reproduce itself, to hold you, you are as separate from it as your fingerprints are from the others.  But you have connected with it because you have created it.  And in that body you will learn and grow in all of the wondrous ways you have chosen to.  To bring science and spirituality, or God and scientists together will always be one of those connections that will have difficulty in your world.  As soon as you hold on to it, you lose it.  Be not afraid to believe, to trust in your belief until you choose to change and grow and move forward into a new belief.  It should never stay stagnant.  You are a magnificent being and you will find an amazing path to express yourself in.


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