Wondering about frightening dreams

Stacy writes:

Thank you for your insight into my last question about my nightmares.  While they have not been as intense, I have continued to have nightmares every night since the initial one. They usually involve a scary figure/person who is dead or nearly dead and they are usually staring at me intensely or coming towards me. Any insight you may have into this is most welcome. I have tried surrounding myself in white light before going to bed, but the dreams persist. Thanks so much.

The guide’s response:

Dear, dear Stacy, you have to understand how you have grown. Be still for one moment and see your path to this point.  You are very evolved.  You have grown.  You understand yourself much more now.  Your very vibration has changed even to the point where your flesh, or skin, all things feels different.  Even things you choose to put on feels differently.

You have taken these steps of growth because you have asked for them and you have chosen it. You may not understand this completely in your conscious mind, but your subconscious or spirit mind knows well of this.  So you must not be surprised that the answer to you is that you are a healer.  And so you have a light in the darkness about you that draws those that are lost, that draws those that are fearful.  You help them in the physical world and now they are drawn to you from spirit.  They come to you at this time, in twilight, before you are in a deep sleep asking for help.

Your ancient conscious mind feels that it is fearful because you are confused. But blessed one, you are a great light. Bless them and love these beings. Give them love for they so need it and they are lost. They have not found the way to the light. You can speak it to them as they reach for you and see you in your brilliance.  They will not harm you and you can help them a great deal.

Begin by in the present day, instead of nighttime when you wish to sleep, by trying to remember their faces.  If you cannot remember their faces, speak out loud or through your conscious statements to those that are lost, to those that are frightened, I surround you in white light. Go to the light for you are not alone.  Look around you and you will see that there are loved ones there ready to help you and that you are safe and you needn’t fear.

Just as you help those in the physical world with your tender touch, visualize them, hold them, you might think they are not very beautiful faces, but they are beautiful faces for it is a physical image they present to you. Hold that face in your brilliant hands and bless them. They shall move, for you will have shown them the way.  Fear not my child for there is nothing to fear.

So if she does this consciously when she is awake, the dreams will stop?

Yes, but she has opened a doorway now.  And in the future, when they come, even in dreams, she will have presence of mind to love them and send them on their way.

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